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Thank you for dropping in, my name’s Robin; I am the proclaimed “Pixel Wizard”. This site has been designed for you to easily learn more about my services and what I can offer. Feel free to scroll down and learn a bit more about what I’ve worked on in the past and please get in touch and tell me a little about yourself at the bottom.

I imagine you’re probably wondering who, or what, a Mjolnoot is? It’s a great story, if you like Norse mythology, Pingu and a bit of silliness; simply put, it’s just a made-up word combining two sincerely appreciated facets from my partner’s and my own childhood. Over the course of my professional life, I’ve encountered the phrase “Go ask Rob, he’s a wiz” or “You’re a wizard with computers” many times (hence the title “Pixel Wizard”). These comments once led to a conversation with a friend after work wherein they jokingly asked what your wizarding name would be, Mjolnoot seemed like a good idea at the time and here we are.

A little about me, I’m a bearded, 6ft, Glaswegian, goes by he/him. Avid tea drinker, book buyer, and proud-to-be forever DM.


Isabelle Johnson

I was asked if I could design a website template for a friend to help them display their work after university.

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Creative Writing

I've taken to creative writing more seriously in my spare time. These are the first chapters of a long story I haven't found a name for yet.

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Podcast Logos

I helped out my friend Tom from work with a handful of new logos for his excellent array of podcasts.

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My final year Digital Media Arts Project. "Aspectre", a 3D puzzle solving, fantasy exploration game. 

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Short Film

A two-week film challenge based on a prescribed plot adapted by myself and two other students; Ashlee Lim and Lara Ulrich. 

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3D Modeling

We were asked to model and render an instrument of our choice and add a futuristic twist.

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Guildford High School

I worked at Guildford High School as a Multimedia Technician assisting Technical Director Dave Curran with any and all AV related tasks.

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Business as Usual

In a week-long project asking us to focus on our impact on the environment I created this short animation to fit the brief.

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First Year Portfolio

A showreel with clips from some projects from my first year at University when I was just setting out into Digital Media Arts.

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Employment History

Surrey Arts
(Surrey County Council)

2020 - Present

I now proudly work full-time at Surrey Arts as their Marketing Assistant. I am taking the reigns of the company’s online presence and dealing with any graphic design requirements and written promotional materials. See also their partnership led music hub website surreymusichub.com.

MR Solutions Group Ltd

2019 - 2020

I worked at MR Solutions for over a year during which time I learned a significant amount on the more advanced techniques in graphic design and web development. The decision to outsource my work was unavoidable and this meant it was appropriate for me to find work elsewhere, I was however generously compensated whilst between jobs and given a good reference by my line-manager. I am very grateful for my time there.

  • Writing posts and designing accompanying images for Social Media and uploading ahead of any company events or news.
  • Restructuring the company’s current website to be mobile responsive as well as managing online content, media, posts and news.
  • Designing 2 new websites for MRS* and MRS Magnetics – MRS*’ magnet production company.
  • Updating and writing site planning documents, brochures, catalogues, flyers and banners for the entire MRS* product range.
  • Designing and writing internal company newsletters distributed every two months via e-mail.
  • Preparing regular events and news related e-mail campaigns for current and prospective customers.
  • Creating orthographic and isometric booth layouts for conferences and events, including both imperial & metric dimensions.
  • Designing custom vector graphics for printing on rack panels (silk-screening).

Firebird Events Ltd

2018 - 2019

After graduating, I worked for Firebird as short term crew, building my knowledge of professional stage equipment.
After leaving this post I had the rekindled intention of pursuing a more creative, design or marketing based role.

  • Maintaining, loading and unloading equipment stored in the company warehouse.
  • Driving the vans to and from the warehouse to events.
  • Setting up and disassembling equipment before and after events.
  • Working on video editing and greenscreen effect for clients and conference presentations.

Placement Training Year

2016 - 2017

Guy's and St Thomas' Hospital

A singular, but extremely challenging role, providing me with the agenda and tools to greatly expand my knowledge of 3D Modeling, Key-frame Animation and Rendering.

Guildford High School

I have never had a more fast paced or varied job prior to this one. My title was Multimedia Technician, however this involved taking on countless other roles such as teaching, interviewing, proof-reading, administrating, and managing health and safety, not to mention managing media content, AV and digital signage.

Holland and Barrett

2014 - 2016

During my studies I did shifts as a Qualified Product Advisor for the retail chain Holland and Barrett. They provided my with a wealth of nutritional facts which have greatly informed my dietary knowledge and a respect for all those working the retail industry, an attitude I would advocate for everyone to share and encourage in others.

  • Offering appropriate products pertaining to any ailments or symptoms concerning the customer.
  • Performing varied till operations and transactions.
  • Maintaining the store’s condition and appearance regularly.
  • Managing stock take and managing deliveries.
  • Reacting intuitively and swiftly to any unexpected hazards or potentially dangerous situations in the store.
  • Training and supporting new employees who joined the store.
  • Passed all product advisory tests and qualifications.
  • Received consistent, positive feedback from customers helping increase commission by 50%.


Digital Media Arts & Technologies BA (Hons) | University of Surrey

2014 - 2018

Grade: 2:1 – Second Class Honours (Upper Division)

Syllabus Overview:

  • Class lectures and training as well as one-to-one tutoring with industry professionals ranging from backgrounds in Film and Television Production; Visual Effects; 3D Animation; Stop Motion Animation; Soundtrack Composition; Graphic Design; Web Design; Interactive Media; Virtual Reality and Video Games.
  • Critical analysis of Digital Arts, a History of the Avant Garde and Media Cultures.
  • Quarterly written and project assignments.
  • A final year dissertation, creative project and group project.
  • One year paid professional training placement (2016 – 2017).

The course that tested and taught me all the skills in design which I now have at my, and as a consequence your, disposal. I also gained great insight into the legal practices of the Audio Licencing Industry and Historical Avant Garde Art Movements.

Professional Production Skills | Guildford School of Acting

2013 – 2014

Grade: 1:1 – First Class

Course Breakdown:

  • Providing professional standards of training involved in the handling, setting up and operating of modern stage equipment.
  • Exposure to commonplace work practices within both production and event industries.
  • An in-depth study and hands-on experience in the roles involved throughout the production process.


Creative Production Skills Design; Creative Production Scenic Arts; Production for Public Performance; Stage Craft & Technology; Stage Management; Technical Production Skills Lighting; Technical Production Skills; Sound & AV and Venue Management Skill.

A condensed course that provided me with an overview and the necessary skills to fit into the professional world of stage work and production as an AV technician.

Jordanhill Secondary School

2006 – 2013

  • Advanced Higher Graphic Communications: B+
  • Advanced Higher Art: A
  • Higher Physics: A
  • Higher English: B
  • Higher Graphic Communications: A
    Higher Maths: C

Digital Media Skill Set

  • Broad experience and deep understanding of all Creative Cloud applications (Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, XD, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Lightroom, Animate, Audition, Acrobat Pro, & Encoder).
  • Over a decade of active engagement with Adobe’s ever developing applications and the capabilities of new releases.

Application Examples:

  • Creating custom-bezier curves for smoother and more natural key-frame animation.
  • Using alpha design for stylised effects/transitions.
  • Compositing multiple 3D elements into a single scene.
  • Audio source isolation from rough recordings. (multiple sources present)
  • Adapting bitmap images/logos into vector files.
  • Creating custom typography.
  • Regularly utilising Illustrator shapes in other Adobe programs.
  • Recording executable action libraries to avoid repeating processes; saving time.
  • 5 years of self-taught web development.
  • Designed multiple WordPress sites for paying clients, friends and family.
  • Comfortable using HTML, CSS (SASS & LESS), JavaScript ES6+ (jQuery).
  • Used to navigating and maintaining data on MySQL and editing PHP – looking to improve upon.
  • Familiar with Adobe XD, Figma and Sketch for UI and design docs.
  • Currently learning C# with hopes of developing a Goodreads/Storygraph digital bookshelf application. 
  • Fully experienced with the Microsoft Office range of applications.
  • Creating and quality testing Macro code to help automate Excel sheet data calculations.
  • Creating front-end, interactable forms, feedback, and file submission pages for gauging public interest.
  • Sharing live updates and automating the documentation of project timelines/tasks in Gantt chart format or simple spreadsheets. Used to providing accountability timesheets on a weekly basis for line managers and other project team members (Familiar with Atlassian, Microsoft, Slack bot & Jeera project management programs).
  • 8 years of experience using a variety of 3D CAD software.
  • Accustomed to building high fidelity models whilst maintaining low poly counts to optimise processing efficiency.
  • Proficient in rigging and applying key-frame, applying motion capture to rigged models as well as and simulating physics-based animation.
  • Skilled at UV Mapping, designing seamless textures (including bump maps) and node editing for realistic surface textures.
  • Setting up GPU rendering using optimal ray tracing settings to account for realistic reflective and transparent materials.

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