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This D&D (5e) campaign setting is non-medieval in style but it does retain all the magical and fantasy elements presented within the standard fifth edition books.

Ailenda is more reminiscent of a semi-post industrial world, experiencing the throws of an industrial revival, or renaissance, after many decades of such practices being stifled and restricted by the ruling powers (not without good reason).

To compare this setting to contemporary media, a lot of the inspiration came from sources such as the video game series ‘Dishonored’; book series’ ‘The Kingkiller Chronicles’, ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora’ and ‘Mistborn – The Wax & Wayne Series’; audio dramas ‘Victoriocity’; book/tv series ‘Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell’; and D&D 5e Campaign Setting ‘Eberron’.

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Campaign Setting

This homebrew is set in the unified nation of Ailenda – the great triumvirate, protector of the colonial territories of the Western Pelvenum Gulf and homeland to you and your companions.

Three major political powers govern the mainland of this vast continent. It is divided accordingly into three distinct regions, each offering wildly differing races, cultures, crafts, creeds and religions by those whom call this land their home. Despite their differences, these three enormous countries are one Unified Nation, ruled in union by the monarch, Queen Briëtt Hjarlwein; the Lords of the Düthrim Vale and the Senate of The First House.

The nation’s unoffical capital, Aurdalin, is a sprawling cosmopolis which boasts the location of The First House, a grand auditorium wherein sits the parliamentary senate. This is the political hub for the Eastern Commonwealth and the surrounding city is possibly one of the largest in the known world, extending over the waterline and deep into the surrounding mountainside. Aurdalin’s wealth is bolstered by the city’s tight control over the trade along the North-Eastern coastline.

The inhabitants of the verdant plains and wild forests of Southern Realms are ruled by the close council of Queen Briëtt Hjarlwein from within Elkelm Palace, situated in Elenin (city of). Her lineage has won over the hearts and minds of many people over the generations, however Queen Briëtt is young and relatively new to the role of sovereign ruler. The masses await to see how their her majesty will bare the burdens and responsibilities therein.

The official governance of the Western Provinces resides with lords under the mountain of the Düthrim Vale. That being said, there are a large number of towns, hamlets and ports on the surface which govern themselves independently to mountain lords. Tensions often run high throughout the western regions, and civic alliances between the undermountain and surface folk are often fractious and fleeting affairs. 

To the North of Ailenda lies the continent of Ptern. A mostly uninhabited expanse to the Ailendian people where very few dare to venture through due to the multiple accounts of monstrous and savage creatures and the dangerous, unpredictable natural forces in the land and air.

 Campaign Map

Ailenda Map


Bright prospects and fortunes aplenty lay ahead for your now great nation. Touted as the new cradle of civilization and heralding the proud rebirth of progress and industry.

The land’s past however is an entirely different story. The pledged union between all three countries, bound by shared laws and a single currency, is a recent accord established only within the last half century. History prior to this event was checkered blood red from centuries of conflict and blackened by the Era of Ruination which spread from Scanrúil (the Grey Sea) and engulfed the entire world.

This catastrophic juncture upturned all of society with tides of wanton destruction. One of the major tragedies from this dark time was the utter decimation of the Southern Realms’ former capital, Cardenroh.

Because of this monumental loss the surviving authorities came out of hiding to meet in secret. Together they carved the Ailendian Charter, a monolith formed of three different stones, declaring the union of the separate countries under one nation. This engraved, three-tiered standing stone can be found in Elenin’s city square for all to see and is know to many as ‘the heart of the nation’.

World Map

World Map


One must remain wary and ever vigilant whilst exploring the wildernesses of the mainland. These untrodden places have been reclaimed over time by the beasts and are the habitat of many strange creatures. A well accustomed guide or armed convoy is strongly recommended to avoid any potentially life-threatening encounters.

The open skies above the southern lands and in the far north, near the borders of Ptern, may also prove challenging but not so insurmountable. Flying reptiles of varying size are commonplace but only a select few of these avian fiends could pose any potential threat to a modern skyship. Maintain the ship’s installed defensive weaponry to ensure a safe and enjoyable flight.

The lurking horrors and gargantuan ocean predators vying for supremacy of the deep waters have always made cross-continental travel by sea extremely dangerous. To make such a voyage is not merely perilous, but downright suicidal in any vessal besides an amply provisioned skyship or a reinforced iron steamship; even this however holds no guarantee of a safe return. Anything less equipped would certainly be capsized, either by storms or by the devils that lay in wait beneath the waves.

Attention: Any sighting or evidence of Amphitere, Wyvern or Dragon related migratory activity and/or nests must be reported immediately to the local air-routing authority without delay.