On Video – Adversary

A fantastic day out filming the music video of the song “Adversary” for the band “On-Video”.

Interactive Music Video

A Band, Dancer, Film Student and Two Digital Media Students walk into a room together. Hey Presto!…

Short Film

A two-week film challenge based on a prescribed plot adapted by myself and two other students; Ashlee Lim and Lara Ulrich. 

Guildford High School

I worked at Guildford High School as a Multimedia Technician assisting Technical Director Dave Curran with any and all AV related tasks.

Business as Usual

In a week-long project asking us to focus on our impact on the environment I created this short animation to fit the brief.

First Year Portfolio

A showreel with clips from some projects from my first year at University when I was just setting out into Digital Media Arts.