Over the course of 3 months I worked on designing a new website to display my mum’s Stained Glass Work Linda Cannon Stained Glass.

She designed the site theme, including the colour scheme, on a rough wire-frame model. The priority was to create a simplistic UI. The site was built to be responsive first and foremost. I made use of all the post alt image data and dates to organize the frontend posts without oversaturating the archive pages with any unnecessary information. Extensive storage for large media files was also an important consideration; we felt that showcasing images of her work was important and but permitting full-res uploads would be reckless, so an automatic mid-range scaling solution was implemented to help the images stand out without comprimising load times. Custom post types were added including features such as Videos, Gallerys, Hyperlinks, Rich text documents which are conditional only to appear on posts when used. A contact form and page was also added for visitors to contact Linda Cannon directly.