~ Hark Citizens! ~

Heed this news and rejoice with rapturous celebration. This very day marks the auspicious dawning of a new era in our great nation’s history.

Our august Majesty has returned from Eastern shores bearing new decrees. It is our privilege to impart this most inspiriting news. Henceforth, all curfews and travel restrictions have been lifted, indefinitely! Your liberty and livelihood have been ignited, so embark and be bold like ancestors of yore. Syhpon freely, explore and spread trade where you will!

The entrepreneurial amongst you are encouraged to expand upon your endeavours; the curious and scientific may spoil themselves greedily without shame or trepidation; and all engine fires of industry shall burn and boom unlike anything seen before.

Rathe actions have already been enacted by budding adventurers and bands of explorers setting forth to the call of forgotten lands. Surely, many thrilling tales are soon to come from the days ahead.