William Lawson

A webpage showcase to help Will demonstrate his voice acting talents and vocal range.

Isabelle Johnson

I was asked if I could design a website template for a friend to help them display their work after university.

Creative Writing

I’ve taken to creative writing more seriously in my spare time. These are the first chapters of a long story I haven’t found a name for yet.

Edward Beare

A short animation I was commissioned by a friend to help with their Vlog Channel.

Interactive Music Video

A Band, Dancer, Film Student and Two Digital Media Students walk into a room together. Hey Presto!…

Short Film

A two-week film challenge based on a prescribed plot adapted by myself and two other students; Ashlee Lim and Lara Ulrich. 

Wedding Invitation

I helped my sister with her wedding planning by designing the invitations.

Guildford High School

I worked at Guildford High School as a Multimedia Technician assisting Technical Director Dave Curran with any and all AV related tasks.